Courtney Glazer, Ph.D.

Fall 2005

Education 4613: Professional Education Seminar

The Professional Education Seminar is a capstone experience focusing on classroom dynamics, creating positive learning environments, reflecting teaching, and professionalism. A complete portfolio will be required.


Assignment: First Days of School Presentation
Assignment: Classroom Management Plan


Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) Classroom Management - Online Tutorial -- Elementary Classroom Management Links
Schoolwide and Classroom Discipline by Kathleen Cotton, courtesy of the NW Regional Education Lab
You Can Handle Them All: A Reference for Handling Over 117 Misbehaviors at School and Home
The Really Big List of Classroom Management Resources Classroom Management

Field Experience Materials:

Oklahoma Criteria for Effective Teaching - information regarding instructional indicators
Mentor Weekly Report of Observation of Student Teacher
Mentor Final Report of Observation of Student Teacher
Supervisor's Report of Student Teacher


Time Management Information

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